No fee for personal injury/negligence matters unless we are successful

Practice Areas

Personal Injury/Negligence

In an accident or suffered an injury and not sure what to do? Call now and you will immediately be connected with Matthew T. Fella who will gladly discuss your potential claim/case; give you an understanding of the legal issues surrounding your matter and work cohesively at a resolution.
Learn more about the types of Personal Injury/Negligence matters we handle.

Traffic Violations

Action taken against your license, registration and insurance can negatively effect your freedom not to mention your financial situation.
Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as the NYC Boroughs have set a hard-line on traffic violations for self-represented offenders.
Know your rights! A free consultation with Matthew T. Fella is only a phone call away!

Criminal Defense

Find yourself in a bad situation with the law or justice system? One wrong move could end up plaguing you for the rest of your life with a criminal record.
Suspended license, DWI, even a traffic stop could find you being finger-printed and processed.
Learn more about the types of Criminal Defense matters we handle.