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Injured in an accident? What happens now? Sure, you go to the hospital, your car is in a collision shop or maybe sitting in your driveway; you called your insurance company but what else should you be doing?

If you have the opportunity, document the scene of the accident, taking photographs or writing down notes of how the accident took place. Take pictures of the vehicles involved; the 'defect' that caused you to fall or any other potentially useful information about the accident location.

Get a police report, incident report or other report prepared by the business, etc of where your accident took place.

If you are hurt, you go seek medical attention immediately after the police arrive. No matter the level of injuries or soreness you experience, get it documented by a hospital, Urgent Care clinic or doctor of your choosing. Just do it quickly; even if the injuries seem minor.

This is a mistake that many injury victims can make, especially in the confusion and chaos following an accident. It may be days or even weeks before you feel the true severity of the injuries you suffered. Going to a doctor right away to ensure your condition is documented is very helpful. Make sure that doctor is informed of any and every body part or location that is hurting you. Describe the nature of the injury and how it feels to you; e.g. burning, stabbing, aching, stiff, sore, numb, painful, intense, etc.

Lastly, before you begin dealing with the nuances of the insurance companies following a car accident, trip and fall or other type of accident, make sure you contact a legal professional who works on these matters. Insurance companies can be extremely difficult to deal with, which is why having an experienced professional behind your case can be vital to its potential success.

Got into a motor vehicle

Whether you were involved in a car accident, truck accident, a pedestrian knockdown or other motor vehicle accident, New York State has its own laws and regulations regarding insurance matters, injury recovery.

Who Pays for My Medical Bills?

Coverage for your medical bills is dependent o a variety of factors. Usually, a car accident victim's injuries will be covered by the insurance company of the vehicle in which the injured victim is traveling; whether or not they are at fault for the accident or whether or not they own the vehicle. New York State has 'no-fault' coverage which basically means that regardless of how the accident occurs, the insurance of the vehicle you occupy will cover medical bills, lost wages and other necessary expenses (with provisos).

What is "No Fault" Insurance in New York?

In New York, drivers are required to carry up to $50,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage. This is also known as "no-fault" insurance, because PIP coverage covers up to $50,000 of a driver's expenses from car accident injuries, regardless of who was at fault. The $50,000.00 coverage is a bare minimum for New York State. You can opt to pay for additional coverage on your insurance policy.

PIP does not cover property damage, pain and suffering, or major injuries exceeding $50,000. Any coverage for these types of claims must be sought out from the other party's insurance company.

Dealing with Insurance Carriers:

Following an accident an injured victim has enough to worry about to get their vehicle back on the road; get back to work and get their injuries healed and their body back to pre-accident status. Let a seasoned personal injury attorney handle the insurance matters for you.

If your injuries or property damage are serious, there is no detriment to you by hiring a personal injury attorney. A dedicated personal injury attorney is familiar with the claims process and what a fair settlement amount actually is dependent upon the nature of your injuries and the medical evidence that supports them. The Fella Law Firm can help you avoid the pitfalls of dealing with insurance companies on your own which will most likely result in you accepting a low settlement offer than what you deserve. The Fella Law Firm never gets paid unless we are successful in the handling of your case/claim. Additionally, all of our consultations are free.

What Should I Expect from The Insurance Claims Process?

After you report the accident to your insurance company, the insurance company will open a claim and you will be assigned a claims adjuster. You will have to keep a steady line of communication open with your claims adjuster and provide statements and documents and other information relevant to your injuries and the accident. Working with a legal profession will allow you to focus on your recovery and the attorney, who is educated on how to handle these insurance matters, will deal with the carriers regarding your benefits, vehicle damage and personal injury recovery.

Let your insurance company know that you have retained legal counsel and you will no longer have to worry about your insurance claim.

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